Ceská Miss Earth 2015 – Karolína Mališová

Ceská Miss Earth 2015 – Karolína Mališová
Ceská Miss Earth 2015 – Karolína Mališová
Another aspiring lady to win the Miss Earth 2015 title is this lovely girl from Czech Republic. Karolína Mališová is this year’s Ceská Miss Earth and will represent her country in Miss Earth 2015 pageant in Vienna, Austria. For sure, Czech Republic is among those countries that fans are excited to see in Miss Earth pageant after the astounding victory of Tereza Fajksová way back 2012.

Karolína Mališová is a 19 year old pageant titleholder in Czech Republic. She’s a model who won Ceská Miss Earth 2015 and she’s the official representative of her country at Miss Earth 2015 pageant to be held on December 5. She was crowned alongside Nikol Svantnerova and Andrea Kalousová, Czech Republic’s representative in Miss Universe 2015 and Miss World 2015 pageants, respectively. Karolina was crowned by Nikola Buranska, Ceská Miss Earth 2014.

During her stint on winning Ceská Miss for Miss Earth on March 28, 2015 she was also awarded Best Face and Best Smile award, which is a proof that she’s a truly charming lady.

Now, Karolina is among those aspiring ladies from all over the world who will compete in Miss Earth 2015 and try to become Jamie Herrell’s successor. So, let’s all watch Karolina’s journey on the competition by watching Miss Earth 2015 live from Vienna, Austria on December 5, 2015.

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