Get to Know Miss Earth 2014 – Jamie Herrell

Miss Earth 2014 – Jamie Herrell
Miss Earth 2014 – Jamie Herrell
Miss Earth 2015 is about to begin and we will finally see another queen in just few more weeks. However, before the new queen rise, it is always great to find some valuable information and trivia about the current titleholder of Miss Earth which is Jamie Herrell, the Filipina beauty who won the Miss Earth 2014 title.

Jamie Herrell was born on July 12, 1992 in Glendora, California in USA. Her hometown is Cebu City which is the queen city of the south of the Philippines. Herrell joined several local pageants in her country before winning the Miss Earth 2014 crown. Among her local titles won are Reyna ng Aliwan 2013, Miss MegaCebu 2013, and Miss Philippines Earth 2014.

During her days as a participant in Miss Philippines Earth 2014, Jamie’s environmental advocacy is anti-animal cruelty, since animal abuse is rampant in the Philippines. In her statement, she said "... some people treat animals in a wrong way and I believe animals should be treated with love or at least in a proper manner."

She won the Miss Philippines Earth 2014 title with her honest answer in the question-and-answer portion. She was asked by Risa Hontiveros, "Do you think that we, human beings, have been good children to Mother Earth?" She answered, "Honestly, in my opinion, we haven’t been good children. In fact, I believe that we are the number one cause of her problems, we are the reason why we're having climate change, and we are the reason why we're having floods. But in return, if we can only help her and salvage her, she will help us back and take care of us, too."

Jamie Herrell in her National Costume
During her time as a Miss Earth delegate, her environmental advocacy is promoting the Miss Philippines Earth "Think Twice Campaign," a project that she worked hard on together with the other reigning queens of Miss Philippines Earth 2014. She said, "The think twice is a communications campaign that teaches people to think twice in finding alternatives in our everyday lives to protect and help Mother Nature."

Herrell won the Miss Earth 2014 title on November 29, 2014 at the UP Theater and was crowned by her predecessor, Alyz Henrich of Venezuela. Herrell’s victory is the Philippines’ second Miss Earth crown after Karla Henry won Miss Earth 2008.

So, the question now is that, who will be Miss Earth 2015 titleholder? Well, in order to find out about that, let’s all watch Miss Earth 2015 which will takes place on December 5, 2015 at Marx Halle in Vienna, Austria. 

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