Miss Earth Australia 2015 - Dayanna Grageda

Miss Earth Australia 2015 - Dayanna Grageda
Miss Earth Australia 2015 - Dayanna Grageda

This year’s representative of Australia in the upcoming Miss Earth 2015 pageant is the Bolivian-Australian model Dayanna Grageda who currently holds the title of Miss Earth Australia 2015. Well, we can simply say that she’s a rare one because she actually won Miss Earth Australia title twice, first in 2014 and second in 2015. It just happened that she’s not able to compete in Miss Earth 2014 because she was dethroned by the Miss Earth Australia organization under the order of Roselyn Singh, so she was replaced by Miss Fire, Nadine Roberts who represents Australia in Miss Earth 2014.

The next year, Dayanna once again compete in Miss Earth Australia pageant for the third time under the new directorship of Nadasha Zhang. Once again, she won the title as Miss Earth Australia 2015 making her the official representative of her country in this year’s edition of Miss Earth pageant which will takes place on December 5, 2015 in Vienna, Austria.

Dayanna Grageda is a pageant veteran who also competed in Miss World Australia way back in 2014 where she placed in the top 8. The competition was won by Courtney Thorpe who represented Australia in Miss World 2014.

She also encountered some problems in her pageant career especially when she was crowned Miss Earth Australia 2014. She was dethroned by the order of Roselyn Singh, the director of Miss Earth Australia organization that time for no apparent reason. The dethronement took place just two weeks after she was crowned and was replaced by Nadine Roberts. She also participated in Miss Earth Australia 2013 where she placed as Miss Earth Australia – Fire.

Dayanna do volunteer works which includes her involvement in charity work since she was just 14. She stated it was her passion to do something in order to help the less fortunate people. She also works for the Variety Club and a volunteer for Sydney Metropolitan Wildfire Services. In addition, she took volunteer work for the elephant conservation projects in Thailand. Furthermore, she spend time in northern Thailand offering her services at an elephant rescue sanctuary known as the Elephant Nature Foundation. Meanwhile, she’s also involves in rescuing injured wildlife for rehabilitation or releasing them back into the wild while she’s working with the Sydney Metropolitan Services.

Well, it seems like that Dayanna is a perfect candidate to be the next Miss Earth victor with all her efforts, passion and dedication for preserving the wildlife. Furthermore, her journey to become the Miss Earth ambassadress of her country is a very inspiring despite of all the hardships and failures she had faced. Now, we can say that Miss Earth Australia 2015 – Dayanna Grageda is a strong woman who’s deserving of MissEarth 2015 title, as well as a passionate and dedicated ally of mother Earth.

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